I Skuggan av Staden is a project where I spent 1 month by myself in a small cottage located in southern Sweden. It's a project about Stockholm, where I was born and currently are living. But it's also a project about breaking patterns, spending time with yourself and getting to know the person who is there when everything that is connected with the city is peeled off.

I Skuggan av Staden was exhibited november 2011 in Allhelgona church in Stockholm.

The video is 19.53 min, voiceover in swedish.

There has been made 60 copies 1920x1080, dvd or bluray, signed and numbered with all texts included.
DVD 12 € Bluray 15€.
Order at:

Thanks to Tobias Hylander for sound and music.

Please use headphones for best sound experience.

I Skuggan av Staden from Oscar Poulsen on Vimeo.